A Little About Micah

Growing up as an only child, raised by a mother and being insecure about being skinny, drove me to want different in my life. It was my initial driving force but soon after transforming my body I realized that giving back and using my platform for good was how I would make an impact. I had to go through the struggle and resistance to get to the success and self-growth. It helped shape me into what I am today and gave me the tangibles in helping impact other people lives .

I loved sports growing up, playing Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Basketball, and Track. Outside of athletics, the single 2 most important things in my life are my Faith in Jesus Christ which is my foundation and my Amazing Wife that deals with my deep obsession with transforming people and video games!

Outside of fitness we focus on doing lots of giving back. We were apart of the Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and we sponsor a school in Haiti through Mission e4. A hidden hobby is: I am a huge video gamer. Still, at my age, I play as often as my schedule will allow. There is something about wanting to save the world (even in video games), seeing the good guy/girl prevailing that keeps me coming back.

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri USA
Height: 6’
Weight: 215 lbs


Hitch Fit Owner
Body Transformation Specialist
20+ years of industry experience
375,000+ lbs. lost by clients in 78 countries
Iron Man Cover Model
Magnum Pro Athlete
Author/Keynote Speaker

Published in

16 National/Global Covers
100+ Pages in National/Global Fitness Magazines
3 Reality TV Shows
Over 100 TV Appearances

Micah’s Fitness Journey

I grew up athletic but very skinny. I remember watching guys like Van Damme in some of my favorite movies Bloodsport/ Kickboxer and thinking one day I am going to get a body like that!! I started my journey soon after getting to college in 1997 at the humbling weight of 138 lbs. I was clueless about nutrition and weightlifting but over the course of the next 5 years, I spent 1000’s of hours learning the inside and out of my body and this lifestyle. In 2000 I started helping my friends transform their bodies and soon found out that my passion was to help transform the world, one person at a time. In 2002 I started fitness modeling. Over the course of the next 15 years, I landed 15 National/Global Covers, 100+ Pages in National/Global Fitness Magazines, 3 Reality Tv Shows, over 100 Tv Appearances and became the 1st Wbff Muscle Model World Champion in 2011. If a skinny kid from Kansas can do this, anything is possible. In 2009 my wife Diana Chaloux LaCerte and I started Hitch Fit Online Personal Training and Hitch Fit Gym